Erasmus + Policy Statement 2014-2020

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Tomás Navarro Tomás Secondary School (IES Tomás Navarro Tomás) is an educational institution supported by public funds in Albacete (Castilla-La Mancha, Spain). We have been a Secondary School for more than fifty years (since 1966) and, also, a Vocational School since 1997. Our Educational Project sets up our commitment with the principles of equity and democracy, and with a comprehensive and global development of our students.

We have been participating actively for more than ten years in Lifelong Learning programmes promoted by the European Union. Currently, besides Erasmus+ for Higher Education, we participate or have participated in the following European programmes:

-Erasmus+ for Secondary Education from 2002 to 2014 (former Comenius)

-Erasmus+ for Vocational Training KA102 since 2012 (former Leonardo da Vinci)

-We also took part in the former Comenius-Regio Programme from 2012 to 2014

Our participation in the Erasmus Programme since 2007 has greatly enriched our professional development, and that of our students. That’s why we intend to face even higher challenges with the recently granted Erasmus+ Charter.

During these years, we have had the opportunity to establish relations with institutions from a wide range of European countries (Portugal, Italy, France, Greece, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, United Kingdom and Poland) and intend to get in contact with institutions in other countries of the EU. So far we have received no students from other Erasmus institutions, but we are open and look forward to that possibility.

Our participation in the Erasmus Programme is a part of our long term strategy. Our priorities are to supply our students with the opportunity of getting high quality placements to accomplish their Workplace Training (in Spanish “Formación en Centros de Trabajo”, FCT). We firmly believe that an experience abroad is extremely valuable for their training, and we encourage our students every year to take advantage of this possibility.

Our work is based on the principles of equal opportunities, transparency and publicity. The selection of the participants is meant to be fair, transparent, coherent and always documented. We the Erasmus Team have always publicized our activities through our active and up-to-date website and social networks. Every meeting, call for selection, or event, has been publicly announced both on our websites and on notice boards all over our institution.

Our institution has always strived for the integration of disabled people and for equity in general. We have specific staff to assist the disabled students, and have always tried to assure everybody equal opportunity, regardless of their social origin.

To ensure high quality in academic mobility activities, we intend to pursue the following goals:

As for our institution, we intend to:

- Promote the relationship of our School with other institutions along the EU.

- Develop a well-qualified teaching staff, with experience on relationships with institutions from educational and business world.

As for our students, we shall:

- Offer them ways to improve their training through an exciting and professionally rich experience abroad.

- Encourage the learning of foreign languages and cultures.

- Develop a well-trained open-minded community of professionals, with international experience.

- Increase their employability, both in Spain and the rest of the EU, thanks to the language skills they improve during their Erasmus placement.

- Recognize all the training period -assuming they get a positive appraisal from the placement institution- in the same conditions as if they were obtained in our School.

In order to give the best visibility to our Erasmus activities, we shall implement the following strategies:

-We shall insert the Erasmus strategy in the Educational Project of our institution, to ensure that all teaching and non-teaching staff is well informed about it.

-We shall continue our policy of ensuring that every call and opportunity linked to Erasmus+ is analysed.

-We have inserted the present Erasmus Statement in our corporate website, as well as all the information regarding to: What is Erasmus? How and who can participate?... and everything concerning the Erasmus Charter and the students / teaching staff experiences in their study activities or training programmes in EU companies.

We consider the Erasmus+ Call 2014-2020 a key step in our strategy as educational and training institution. The grant of the Charter is a priceless opportunity to foster our work to offer high quality training experiences to our students and teaching staff.
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